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Carlos Garcia, Project Manager
Carlos Garcia, Project Manager

Mr. Garcia, has Associates Degree in Computer Electronic and has more than 30 years’ experience in the challenging role for the Remediation and Demolition industry.  Mr. Garcia, has been involved in combined value of over $120 million Construction Management, Environmental Remediation and Demolition projects with no loss of project down time.  He develops and interviews for high profile projects.  Reports and handles any changes to contracts.  Monitors structures to identify potential structural changes.  Generates new business and marketing’s.  Estimates, develops SOV’s and budgets.  Assures accuracies on daily reporting’s.  Instructs crews on procedures and work practices which includes overseeing and managing small Tenant Improvement projects.


  • Coordination and management of man power for all Demolition and Abatement
  • Management and designations of project work methods
  • Coordination of work production and manage dialogue with customer representatives
  • Site Quality/Safety enforcement with Zero Tolerance and no loss work incidents
  • Coordination for the successful simultaneous development for large scale projects

Mr. Garcia’s, main focus is with development and implementations of abatement and demolition plans to the completion of the projects. Identify and manage hazardous conditions.  Perform all work in accordance with state and federal regulations. Manages employees and designates work tasks to maintain project productivity. Designs and implements special safe work plans including special lift plans or any other items that needs to be removed. Manages subcontract work.  Oversees and manages various projects simultaneously ranging from 5 to 10 projects. Handles all field operations schedules start to close outs.

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