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Washington Closure Hanford, Federal DOE Superfund Site, Richland, WA │$10.3 M |

Project Description: NCES the protégé and its mentor (PAS) completed a 3-year, $10.3 million joint-venture IDIQ contract at the facility. NCES-PAS completed asbestos abatement and hazardous material remediation at the Site. The contract consisted of five buildings. Two of these buildings were used for interim safe storage and the other three are slated were demolished in 2009. Work was initiated in the heat exchanger building and next moved to the reactor building.

Overall hazardous materials removed at the Site include the following:  asbestos insulation on HVAC duct, asbestos insulation on structural beams and members, transit panels, counter tops, floor tile and mastic, motor control centers, electrical breaker panels and similar electrical equipment, auto-transfer switch panels, turbine shrouds with spray-applied insulation, fluorescent light bulbs, sodium vapor bulbs, and mercury vapor light bulbs, cathode ray tubes and TV monitors, mercury switches, lead joints in cast iron, light ballasts, hydraulic oil, Freon in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, TSI/piping, concrete asbestos board, vinyl asbestos tile, duct insulation/ACM tape, cable trays, flame mastic coating, tank insulation, biological hazards, and miscellaneous materials.  In all, 1,925,000 square feet and 70,000 linear feet of hazardous materials are slated to be removed.

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