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USACE ID/IQ MATOC Portland & Walla Walla District, Prime Contract │$1.0 M |

Description: This contract included removal of asbestos contaminated oily residues dust from the stators and rotors on several generating units for the McNary Dam, Detroit Dam, John Day Dam, Ice Harbor Dam and William L. Jess Dam.  Also, included was the abatement of asbestos electrical components and lead based paint removal. These projects had very tight scheduled and the crews worked 6 ea. 10 hr. days per week in an effort to get these projects completed on time. The objective of this task order was to provide asbestos removal and lead paint removal services.

NCES successfully cleaned existing asbestos, brake dust and debris in select areas within hydropower generator units as directed by the COR. Surfaces areas include smooth metal plate, rough concrete, stator winding, rotor winding, air coolers, etc. Surfaces required different cleaning techniques or a combination of techniques, such as wet wiping, HEPA vacuum, dry ice blasting, and wet vacuum methods. The work was considered Class IV asbestos work. The SSHO met all of the requirements of a Level 6 QA/QC. During the cleaning, all areas were carefully examined for damage. Anything unusual was reported to the COR. Enclosures and rolling scaffolding were required for the work.

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