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Weyerhaeuser Company Longview, 2002 – 2013 |$1,500,000│

Project Description: NetComplaince provided industrial hygiene services for all above ground hazards exposures such as asbestos and lead base paint projects, PCB’s and any other hazards exposures if encountered during renovation and/or demolition projects.  All work were conducted according to Local, State, and Federal regulations.  NetCompliance managed all projects for Weyerhaeuser until completion with respect to health & safety and the quality.  There were multiple different task related to the Administrative and Compliance Management work.  Each different task associated with the services are defined below:

  • Communicate with DOE & L&I for Weyerhaeuser and file quarterly report for all small-scale asbestos and demolition projects.
  • Prepare and file all asbestos summaries to DOE at the end of the every fiscal year.
  • Prepare, review & file project Notifications to DOE and L&I for each asbestos and demolition projects.
  • Participate in all DOE & L&I audits including internal audits conducted by the corporate Weyerhaeuser.
  • Work with the site Environmental, Safety, Demolition Team and the Corporate Legal Department on, an as need biases.
  • Attend all management meetings to scope asbestos abatement and demolition projects and respond to all emergency projects for the Maintenance Department.
  • Conduct inspections for the asbestos, lead based paint and all other hazards involved at the Weyerhaeuser site in Longview Plant.
  • Conduct industrial hygiene feasibility studies, site wide hazards cost estimation, annual hazard abatement and demolition budget.
  • Provide prioritization asbestos abatement and demolition schedule and conduct project management of all removal and demolition projects.
  • Conduct air sampling services for all abatement and demolition services.

Report on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis regarding the site-wide asbestos compliance, asbestos project status and any other environmental issues to the Asbestos Program Manager.

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