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North Wind/NCES Project: Asbestos Abatement/Demolition Umatilla Area 100 Building │$2.1M│

Project Description: NetCompliance provided regulated material (i.e., asbestos, PCB & lead) abatement services to US Corps of Engineers (Seattle District) general contractor North Wind Services between March and September of 2015.   The project was at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Eastern Oregon and included the removal of regulated materials from twenty-three (23) buildings prior to them being demolished.  Materials removed included friable asbestos thermal system insulation, gaskets, boiler & pipe insulation, along with non-friable cement asbestos board (CAB), caulking, roofing, and other universal waste (PCBs/LBP/Mercury/Oils/etc.) items.

NetCompliance’s handled the proper packaging and disposal of all materials removed as per local, state and Federal regulations.  US EPA and Oregon DEQ performed multiple site inspections and found all paperwork, work practices, engineering controls and air sampling to be in order and in compliance with State & Federal regulations.   Clean-up of over 140 acres of Asbestos contaminated debris and soil along with the removal of asbestos, PCBs, mercury and other universal wastes from 23 warehouse structures. A total of 2,337 tons of demolition debris and 498 tons of ACM were disposed of at a licensed municipal waste landfill. Recovered 1,756 pounds of hazardous, non-hazardous, and universal waste during abatement activities.

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