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McChord Air Force Base, ID/IQ HUBZone set-a-side Prime Demolition Contract │$750,000│

Project Description: NetCompliance was in award of IDIQ HUBZone demolition contract with McChord Air Force Base for one base year and three options years which expires in October 2012. This contract requires complete inspections of all hazards, erosion control, upgrade underground utilities, cut & cap sewerage system, water mains, stormwater systems, demolish buildings, roads, parking lots, basketball courts, underground utilities, cables, transformers, and new construction of roads, curbs, gutters, underground utilities, backfill, topsoil, landscape and hydro seeding.

There were multiple Task Orders which included demolition of Buildings several buildings followed by backfilling and placement of topsoil, landscaping and hydro seeding. Prior to demolition, NCES conducted hazardous materials surveys and prepared the buildings for demotion by conducting hazardous materials abatement and disconnection of the buildings from sewer, power and water services.

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